Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Umbrella??? No Thanks....

WOOOW...today it rained heavily while returning home from office...

i couldnt resist seeing d rain that i almost got down from bus 3 stoppings before my house & walked enjoying in rain till my house..

i luv rains !!..
its such a wonderful feeling ..
When the chill breeze sweeps over d face, body & hair!!!...
d 1st drops of rain landing in d face!!!....
oh m god... !
it gives me a heavenly feeling.
hmmm...i luv getting wet & dancin in d rain.
(& that also means that not too many people are there to see me act like a lunatic.
I totally prefer not to have any audience while I am frolicing(the only word which i can use for this)...

sweet smell of the wet mud...
plants & flowers look so refreshing on getting wet in the rain...its giving me goose bumps..

The best part is just standing still feeling the water on my face,arms,and legs.
I feel almost as goood as the thirsty plants..feeling like getting something that i need.

i luv 2 make little paper boats & set them to sail... ( I know it sounds childdish but thats how i
am. I love to do such little things which most people think it as funny but which gives me immense happy & joy).

The heavier, the better!!!

im not even scared of d lightning & roaring thunder, but wat really scares me is my mommy scolding when she finds me getting wet in the rain.

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