Monday, July 26, 2010

Are you trying to feed me crap?

A camera crew tears into a restaurant, where one of the customers has a toothache. The anchor lady sticks a huge microphone into the guy’s face and asks him “ kya apke masoodo mein takleef hain?”, “kay apke toothpaste mein namak hain?”.

First of all what the hell is a camera crew doing there? And who gives a shit what they say about your teeth anyway? I’d believe this crap a little more if it were a band of moronic dentists who tore in with their big ideas. Cliché, but it makes more sense than the lady with the mike!

And after she says that much, the narrator does the rest of the talking and the ordinary toothpaste worm covered tooth is compared with the Colgate active salt 98% less worm covered tooth. Jump back to the awkward situation where the guy’s bad teeth and gums are now on live TV thanks to the freaky reporter. And after her deed is done she tears out leaving this guy absolutely clueless and looking like a jerk on national TV!

Dum enough…. In a recent variation of this ad, the reporter has an even bigger mike. And in the end the terrorized person says the Colgate active salt tastes good as well.

Now that was the last straw! Have any of these dummies tried Active Salt Toothpaste? I have and it’s horrible! The ad is dum as it is, and then they try this crap in too! What are you guys thinking?

People at Colgate, here is a tip: don’t come up with new CRAPPY stuff and make your good paste disgusting. Heck everyone brushes with Colgate! We all grew up with your brand. What more are you trying to prove to us loyal customers. Toothpaste is our wake up call in the morning. That sweet tangy taste is what marks the beginning our day. The time we spend on that soft massage we give ourselves with our toothbrush helps us put our thoughts into perspective and prepare for the boring job we have to go and the hellish morning traffic. Please don’t take away our simple joys in life by feeding us crap.

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