Thursday, July 01, 2010

87 things i dont like about myself

What are the things i don't I DON'T LIKE ABOUT MYSELF - I was wondering!
I never bothered to change myself, but let me list to make "sangeee" a better person..
Even though, i cant realistically do anything about changing myself

I'm lazy ( ha ha ha )

A little rude my mom ( she always advise me.. & i hate it )

I sleep more than 9 hours

I shout a little loud while arguing ( i have base voice. so if i raise my voice it'll be like im talking loudly )

I Don't think before i speak

Over Reacting

My Hair

My Acne

I Love Cooking.. but because of point (1) i don't do it.

I wish i put my ideas more into action

still not found the purpose of my birth

Not yet set any goal

My belly

stoped reading novels nowadays

not keeping updates of current affairs


could be more nicer than i sound

wasting time

spending money for unwanted things

i don't take criticism very well

i take silly things too seriously

get angry when others can't come on time

too nervous ( but the best part is, i can hide it )

too shy

stage fear

concious about what other will think about me

keen to know others opinion about me

not sporty

poor eating habit

trouble in expreessing my ideas

short tempered

take servous matters kinda jolly

not doing excercise

a little bad mannered

i love arguing (especially being the devils advocate )

im single


i can't save money

my nose

fishing compliements

a little cynical ( i have no idea of getting into relationship. But my friends are married & having kids - i pity myself for not started to live )

i cant keep my room clean

the insecure feeling that arise often

i dont agree with others opinion ( i love arguing )

A rebellion with out any cause

spending most time online

easily frustated

give up too easily

Not caring about my appearance like before

i can't follow rules

the way my life takes me

i talk too much

trouble getting out of bed

i don't tell the truth always

the fake smile when im unhappy


forget to take my pills

don't work on fixed schedule

when i feel nobody understands me

i don't accept my failures

not very engeritic in morning

i'm not very postive

not saying sorry

forget to say thanks

No self control

playing with my hair often

bitting nails

i don't sit straight

i can't wear heals

i'm getting old

i eat when i'm upset or bored

doing same things ( work ) every day

taking long time for sending mails ( especially officials mails i used to think 3 - 4 times before & after i type the mail )

use S*@%+ word often

spending too much time in thinking rather than doing it

using the words "like" & "actually" often

A crocked teeth

i'm tall

still behaving childish

because of compulsion when i do the things that i don't like to do

Not wishing my friends birthday & anniversaries

In that situations when i can't help others

my eye ( it will be a little big )

Cunning thoughts

when i have to smile & talk to the person i don't like

when the captcha's go wrong

when i'm out of nails for biting

And finally not updating my blog often

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