Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Funny Conversation with my Friend...

Thought of sharing a funny chat i had wit my friend RJ..

8:03 PM me: hi da
RJ: hi de
8:04 PM me: office?
RJ: home
me: hmmmm
8:05 PM RJ: boring kya
im getting married next month :)
me: hei
congrats da
RJ: hmm tnx...
8:06 PM me: but u told u not gonna marry???????
RJ: yea but time has changed ... i proposed a gal nd she liked me too
me: oh.. love marriage a???
RJ: yea
love arranged
me: oh..
8:07 PM me: wen u proposed?
RJ: today by 10 or 11
me: wen u got ur parents permission?
RJ: by 11 itself
8:08 PM me: great da
RJ: 10x
8:09 PM tel me
8:10 PM me: hmmm..
RJ: y
me: nothing summa only
but u r too fast da
RJ: fast means wt
8:11 PM me: its like a scene in mozhi..
RJ: its a dream only knw
me: prakash raj
RJ: so it will be fast
me: thu thu thu
RJ: :P he he
chumma kalaichen
me: x-( x-( x-( x-( x-( x-( x-( x-( x-(

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