Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feel the Pain

I’ve stooped. I’m only human and I can cave. I went on give everyone a taste of their own sour medicine that I have been swallowing everyday. I tried and tried to avoid this situation. But as I say, I am only human. And so I couldn’t resist. So I decided to play my collection of Rock and Roll in place of the sad fart Meow Meow Song that rat pack has been torturing me with.

All though I feel so uncomfortable doing this, strong force had to be taken against the rat pack. I think I have made my point. I offer a simple barter system. They keep their crap out of my face and I will do the same.

It’s sad actually. It’s painful to all. And I for one, hate being the person to make others uncomfortable. But, everyone has a breaking point and I’ve reached mine.

Crib Crib, Crib is perhaps all I have been doing on this blog. (that has been a certain someone’s opinion) But hey, read the title……

Absolutes in Life: Vodka, IRONY and fun in between.
It’s a love hate thing…sorry. Can’t help it.

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