Friday, January 01, 2010

Give me a break!!!...

I stand in the long queue in front of an ATM after work. Just need to quickly withdraw a couple of hundreds and get home. Is it just me, or is everyone taking at least 15 minutes in there? Maybe I’m just paranoid. Hot day, tired after work, so everything seems slow and dragging….or maybe not. I time the lady that has just stepped in…move over dum ass who is trying to cut in line! C’mon!

3 mins…she has managed to enter the cubicle with all her baggage, dig through her hand bag, find her purse take out her card and put it into the slot….

Next 3 minutes….she manages to read the screen, punch in her pin numbers ad go from screen to screen and…she wants to know her balance first so she waits for the slip so she can find out how much she has left to withdraw from.

And the next 3 minutes…. She has to do the do a new transaction so goes through the whole process of punching in the pin and moving from screen to screen…and then she stalling to punch in the amount she wants….how about this much….or maybe not, maybe this much…

For the love of god woman!!

Next five minutes, the money comes out. She pulls it out, counts it, digs through her bag for her purse, takes out a smaller purse out of the big one puts in the money and puts the small purse in the big purse. She then puts her card back in and places the big purse back in her bag carries her bag and leaves.

And the next idiot walks in after she leaves. I’ve reached the front of the line and I read on the door: only one person per ATM…ok what the hell is that supposed to mean? There is only 1 ATM in there!

The idea of instant cash is a myth in this country, or at least where I am living at. First of all the machines are really slow. For those of us used to our cell phones and ipods and touchpads and the sort, we can make it through the ATM without much struggle. But the machines are so slow! My granddad can respond faster than these things!

And the next problem, people who just don’t have a clue what the phrase “Instant Cash” means…hello! The word “Instant”! Did you notice that by any chance? They take forever in there. Now I’ve had my share of spending too much time in the ATM vestibule. But that was just for the fabulous air conditioning! And I was sure there was no one waiting in line.

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