Thursday, January 07, 2010

Evolution…get on with it!

I think its high time man evolved to have an extra pair of arms. Creepy as it might seem, just think about it. We’re always multi-tasking. We write while we type while we answer the phone while we drive while and so on. So why hasn’t man developed an extra pair yet? Are we just going to stop with opposable thumbs and no tail? That is so 25 million years ago!

Oh the extra pair of hands would be real fun. Think of all that you could do? It’d be great for basketball, would be murder in boxing, would mean work would get done quicker in the kitchen and think of all you could do in bed….and I mean hold a book, tuck yourself in, hold a glass of water or chips and scratch wherever you needed it!

Shouldn’t we be evolving by now if any of this evolution crap is true?

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