Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feel d LOVE...

In office, i usually used to hear some "favorite" repeated songs which i like..
but today for a change, i played "all music"....

I heard the song "Sangeetha swarangal" from the movie ‘Azhagan’
This song is sung soooo beautifully by SPB and Sandhya
(came to know her name from Google search only)

The 1thing tat I remembered about this song is
watching this song on TV when I was a kid (@ that time i dint understand the lyrics) and wondering what on earth will two
people have to talk about all night! :P
& I hate the Doordarshan opening music those days.

After long long long months &; years, wen i heard this song yesterday
I fely quite differnt...
the highest tribute goes to the lyrics is so powerful but sweet and melodious too.......

Expressing how love makes every one mad...
especially d line : en veettil iravu angae iravaa illae pagalaa enakkum mayakkam ...
the sweet "nothing" phone conversation between the lovers a whole night....
the Doordarshan TV ending their telecast and then beginning in the morning.
Absolutely beautiful picturisation.
(p.s : I saw that video after coming home...
only some poople can understand y i underlined "home"...)
tends to fall us in LOVE....

Sangeetha swarangal song Lyrics :
sangeedha suvarangal aezhae kanakkaa innum irukkaa ennavoa mayakkam
en veettil iravu angae iravaa illae pagalaa enakkum mayakkam

nenjil ennavoa nenachchaen
naanumdhaan nenachchaen
njaabagam varala
yoasichchaa theriyum
yoasana varala
thoonginaa vilangum
thookkamdhaan varala
paaduraen medhuvaa urangu
endhendha idangal thottaal suvarangal thullum sugangal konjam nee solliththaa
sorggaththil irundhu yaaroa ezhudhum kaadhal kadidham inrudhaan vandhadhu
sorggam mannilae pirakka
naayagan oruvan
naayagi oruththi
thaen mazhai pozhiya
poovudal nanaiya
kaamanin sabaiyil
kaadhalin suvaiyil
paadidum kavidhai sugamdhaan

If u too like this song you can download it here...

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