Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Continue the Race!!

I should be happy.
I should live my life as I want to live.
I should become the person I always wanted to be.

This is what I have been trying to do out so far.

Im still searching whose fault is that my life isn't perfect. ..

My mom??
My teachers??
My surroundings??

The first thing i should do is stop blaming.
Stop blaming and trying to leave the past behind me.

The person who hurt me,
The person who abused me,
The person who left me bleeding.
Or it maybe even myself.

You know whose fault this — I have been telling myself the whole life. And my life sucks..

I have been trying to forget about it. My pasts aren’t real one. “That just happened in another planet and moreover, the buck is dead.” If I’m not spending time thinking about something that is true and will be with me my whole life, then it doesn't matter. And further nothing else can be done about that.

And if nothing can be done about it, then why the hell am i spending my time & energy thinking about it — I’m having other things to do.

It may sound a little cruel, It may sound unsophisticated, It may even sound like I'm telling that i should just “get over it”.

I'm really sorry for this but I have to do it..

My life can't be halt and wait for you to get back to me.

The race is still being run.

I have to get up and keep moving on.

I can't change what happened yesterday. And nothing can be done about it..

But i can do something about tomorrow. And also about the next day.

Forgetting about my yesterday, Today i gonna continue the race…

1 comment:

DHANS said...

//My life can't be halt and wait for you to get back to me.//

at last u understand this :)

enjoy your life..... take care