Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well I have been wondering over some time now if I should let other people know about my blog. I dunno if I should take on that responsibility. Right now I have a dedicated follower who I don’t expect any complaints or comments from! Hehe…how convenient is that. But anyways maybe I’ll give it a try and see if anyone is interested in my stuff. If not I haven’t lost anything coz I wasn’t planning to get famous with this piece of crap anyway!

Hmmm…do I detect self consciousness and more importantly a defense mechanism forming?

And suddenly I have a big thought to write about!....The very nature that makes us human is Fear! Unlike animals whose instinct are what guide them to stay or run, we humans have a much more complicated process of judging, assessing and reacting to fears. Most people would say love and intelligence are what make us human…I agree with all that. But I believe that fear is the defining nature of man and perhaps what makes us unique and different from one another. Fear is so personal! Each person’s fear is his own and only he or she gets it. How one handles and overcomes his fear yet another nature that defines each individual.

For example I am shit scared of spiders! I think I almost cried when I saw one in the bathroom at my grandma’s place years ago. I was in for a bath and I noticed the critter making its way across the ceiling. I got into karate mode to give the eight legged freak a karate chop if it attacked me…. I think there was more of a possibility of me running out of there naked instead of getting even within a mile of the ugly bastard!

Well I didn’t run out naked if that’s what’s on any of your minds. The spider just sat still long enough for me to finish and get the hell out of there…fully clothed by the way.

Anyway back to my theory, while I’m afraid of spiders my mother is drop dead scared of cockroaches. This may be a lame example for my profound theory….but Do I care? I think Not! So what we used to do as kids is kill the other’s adversary. When I had a spider problem, she killed it for me and I annihilated the cockroach for her.

I don’t think any of us really bother to know what others fears are. We don’t even know what our own fears might be. I guess we don’t much thought to it. And at times when our fears are different from others we find it unacceptable. I mean I used to laugh my block off watching my mother freak out when she was “attacked” by the cockroach.

But on a more philosophical note, Harry Potter and his friends facing the Boggart (the shape-shifter) gives you a very clear idea on the differences of people’s fears and their “Riddikulus” Spells. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen the movie.

(I love my “on a philosophical note” bullshit….Harry Potter! HAH!)

The point of this story…I don’t know. But I think I can put this thing up for other’s viewing. Good luck to those who bother to read. And Up Yours if you don’t like it!

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