Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 3 things Microsoft couldn’t explain

Do it practically Then u’ll come to know……………………..

Nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the Computer which can be named as "CON".
This is something funny and inexplicable…
At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn't answer why this happened!
TRY IT NOW, IT WILL NOT CREATE A "CON" (without the quotes) FOLDER

For those of you using Windows, do the following:
1.) Open an empty notepad file
2.) Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the quotes)
3.) Save it as whatever you want.
4.) Close it, and re-open it.
Noticed the weird bug? No one can explain!


Again this is something funny and can't be explained…
At Microsoft the whole Team couldn't answer why this happened!
Try it out yourself. Open Microsoft Word and type
=rand (200, 99)
And then press ENTER
And see the magic…..!

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