Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Best Buddy….

A friend is the important person in our life, whom we can trust…
My Best friend “VINO”… The most trusted person in my life…
I know her from when I was studying 3rd std…thats almost 15 years ago..
There are lots of dimensions of her that I almost not know where to start, what to highlight, and what to leave . But let me tell a few lines about her….

When I feel really joyful,
Because, I had a good news to share,
She was a good friend, a buddy...
Someone who really care about me.

And if I feel really worried,
When I need a companion.
she was always there for me.

She is the one whom I can count on,
Sometimes it's very hard to understand
The special relationship we share.
A hundred miles between us,
Yet, somehow, she’ll always be there for me…

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