Friday, December 23, 2011

I sit here all the time with something on my mind.I cant seem to get away from all the pain and suffering why do i feel this way every day. I dont know why i cry. I dont know why i wanna die. I dont understand myself maybe i should kill myself. I feel sad and it makes me mad.

I go to work every day. I feel like a jerk what can i say.

There is noone that can help me noone to save me from the shit im going through. None to say i love you.
There is none to hold me when im alone. Noone to call me on the phone. 

There is none to talk to when im in need.Noone to stitch me if i bleed.Maybe one day I will wake up and see the light but until then my life will always be a fight.

People say im jealous.. high headed... because they got all these & i dont... f**k u. i dont want a f**king normal life like u... im not gonna cry.. im not gonna die... but you ll see my attitude from now...

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