Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here im, wit d memories about us again.

All i know now is that i’ve grew a lot since then you left me. I dont wanna admit myself all d drama & all d attention back now. I loved it.But i luvd it @ d begning wen i was not worried of d consequences tat comes later. i always luvd d way u made me 2 feel. Im amazed how u always made me fly in clouds & 4 d moments i believed tat things cud b different.

Things hav changed now. now i'm wishing so many times tat i cud 4get u, but tat never gonna happen I think..u are always on my mind, it seems, bcoz even small things triggers my mind about u. im tryin 2 push it away, instead of dealing with it.

i suppose i shud start learn 2 understand my own emotions.. & there r lot of it & its all ur fault...
damn... i don’t even know whyd hell i’m writing this. It s not like u will never know wat i thinking bcoz im a photocopy memory of yours, if anything happened. i see u and tell wat u feel. & i know things will never b d same between us.

but d thing s, its not over. im realizin that its not yet over & never going to be over... jezzz.. save me plz... may b i shud hav dealt wit it better than i did it b4. but i couldn't, & now things hav bcom much more messy. it wud never go away; it cant b forgotten...

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